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Domaine Beurdin & Fils
  • 14 Le Carroir,
    18120 Preuilly
  • 02 48 51 30 78
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Domain Beurdin & Fils A passion shared for 3 generations

L’histoire de la famille Beurdin Vigneron à Preuilly (18)

Alfred Beurdin cultivated in 1935 2.50 ha of vines planted in Sauvignon at the time with a Riparia rootstock. He worked with a horse harnessed over the seasons with a plow and a hoe.

Lifting and trimming were done by hand. Pruning was done in February-March. The harvest was harvested by hand and put into 600 liter wooden barrels.

In 1963 Henri Beurdin bought a mansion dating from 1878 in Preuilly and modernized the operation over time. A first horizontal press will be offered to him by his father Alfred. This was a great improvement for wine production. At the time the work of mans was to vinify in tons (containing 600 to 900 liters)

In 1994, Henri set up a SCEV "Société Civile D'exploitation Viticole" with his son. He in turn was able to pass on his passion for the vine to his son Jean-Louis who perpetuates the exploitation and wishes to perpetuate the tradition of his father. Jean-Louis produces his wine, reflecting his passion and his know-how. It perpetuates traditional cultures: ploughing, hoeing and trimming. Harvesting is done 100% by machine.

domaine viticole à Preuilly (18) proche de Reuilly

Visit of the wine cellar & tasting in Preuilly (18)

Jean-Louis gives you the opportunity to come and visit the wine cellar while tasting (On appointment only)

You also have the option of having lunch on site with the services of a caterer for a maximum of 25 people.

domaine viticole à Preuilly (18) proche de Reuilly
domaine viticole à Preuilly (18) proche de Reuilly

Independent winemaker Harvesting owner of Reuilly

The winemaker has chosen to keep traditional methods. He takes care of the vines through winemaking, bottling and labeling to offer you the best of his wines.

The estate has 4 permanent employees who work as a team and the operation is only in the municipality of Preuilly.

Controlled designation of origin, Reuilly is a wine that has been matured, analyzed and tasted by professionals and certified oenologists long before it takes its place on your tables and in your glasses.

Domain Henri Beurdin et Fils Loire wines Producer of Reuilly Blanc, Reuilly Rouge and Reuilly Rosé

It is in the South West of Bourges, in the heart of a region steeped in history, that Jean-Louis cultivates 19 hectares of AOC Reuilly vines. These vines are cultivated in the commune of Preuilly in the Cher, on hillsides of limestone marl and high terraces of sand and gravel ensuring an ideal ground for the development and maturity of the grapes.

The appellation "Reuilly" was defined in 1937 for Blanc and in 1961 for Rosé and Rouge.

It is with a concern for perfection that Jean-Louis, 3rd generation of winegrower-harvester, develops his wine, a reflection of his passion and his know-how.

The smell of a terroir is like the reflection of a mirror, it is full of hope for a successful harvest. It's a victory to spend each season to see the result of upstream work arriving on the horizon.

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